Guest wedding couple on Elements Resort beach. Honeymoon couple relaxing at Spa Serenity. Elements wedding couple exchanging vows. Elements wedding ceromony Elements couple enjoying a romantic sunset on Pang Ka beach. Beach wedding at Elements Boutique Resort & Spa.

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Please note that Elements Resort & Spa is closing for renovation from 1 March 2017 onwards.
We look forward to sharing a new experience with you.


A lot of people looking for weddings are looking for flexibility and that's what we do.

  • You can have a Celebrant to exchange vows Christian or non-secular
  • You can have a Chinese tea ceremony, Thai Buddhist ceremony or you can combine ceremonies
  • You can be on a mountain top temple, in tropical gardens, or underwater
  • We can arrange for an elephant to ride you in and have hundreds of butterflies take flight as you say "I do"
  • Invitations and wedding packs are all handmade and designed for just your event
  • We can organize your favorite flowers
  • The cake is designed to your wishes
  • We can organize hair stylists and make up artists
  • We will always try to fulfill all your wishes
If you want to book any aspect of your wedding yourself, we will be happy to help.

At Elements Boutique Resort & Spa we believe in the joining together of two people in a bond of love, in a beautiful setting and at an affordable price. Escape the difficulties most of us find when getting married.

Koh Samui and more importantly Elements have become established as a wonderful location for weddings. We enjoy nothing more than helping two people who love each other celebrate their special day together.

Whether your celebration is a small intimate ceremony for yourselves or you want a larger event with friends and family we will organize it all, taking care of each and every detail.

Our philosophy is that a wedding is not something you can truly package. You are looking for guidance and to make that special day really unique and special to you. We would be failing in our belief in service if we simply offered packages.

If you wish to join us for your tropical wedding, we can completely customize the event to ensure you, your partner and your guests have the memories of a lifetime. We can and will provide you with everything you need to make your wedding perfect, and at a much lower cost than you would spend traditionally at home.

There is nothing more romantic as saying "I do" on a tropical island, under the shining sun and bright blue sky at a ceremony made to suit you. You can share your special day with friends and loved ones or simply treasure the moment yourselves.

The Elements Boutique Resort & Spa team are looking forward to hearing from you and in making your wedding day sparkle.